About Us

About Us - The Crypjama Chronicles

Welcome to Crypjama, where every thread has a tale and every print is a passport to adventure!

Our story begins not in a vast wilderness or at a remote campsite, but in the least likely of places for outdoor enthusiasts—behind the glow of computer screens during a quirky late-night brainstorming session. We were a group of friends, ranging from die-hard campers to someone who thought "roughing it" meant a hotel without room service.

One evening, as we shared tales of our wildest outdoor escapades (and misadventures), a friend—fueled by too much caffeine and not enough sleep—jokingly suggested we should sell pajamas that could double as camping gear. "Crypjama," he slurred, trying to say "crypto pajamas," imagining gear that could hide you from bears and bugs alike.

The name stuck, but the concept evolved. Why stop at pajamas when we could create an entire range of camping-themed attire? Thus, Crypjama was born—not out of necessity, but from a burst of laughter and a love for all things camping.

At Crypjama, we're here to fuel your passion for the outdoors with print-on-demand products that range from t-shirts celebrating the beauty of the starlit skies to mugs perfect for your morning brew in the wild. Each item in our store is designed with a dash of humor, a spoonful of originality, and heaps of comfort, ensuring you can wear your adventures whether you're out on a trail or cozied up at home.

Why should Crypjama be your go-to for camping gear?

  1. Unique Designs: Each design is crafted in-house with an eye for both fun and functionality, inspired by real camping stories—some successful, others... educational.
  2. Quality First: We use only the best materials that can stand the test of the wild, or at least your backyard.
  3. Customizable Comfort: With our print-on-demand approach, you can personalize your gear, making it as unique as your camping stories..
  4. Community Spirit: Every purchase supports outdoor initiatives and camping education programs to inspire and equip the next generation of adventurers.

So come on in, explore our collection, and find something that speaks to your adventurous spirit. At Crypjama, we're more than a store; we're a community of enthusiasts and storytellers. Join us, and let's make the great outdoors a little cozier and a lot more fun!

Happy Camping (and Comforting!), The Crypjama Team